Love The Camino

Client: Michelle Sparks
Date: January 2014
Deliverables: Logo Design, CMS, Hosting
Industry: Travel, Blogging

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“Feeling absolutely lost in the weird yet wonderful world of blogging and websites, I was most fortunate to have stumbled upon Purple Lama who took my VERY basic blog and moulded it into what it is today. is a work of art that I am proud of and as the blog took shape so did my enthusiasm for blogging. Writing has never come naturally to me and takes a lot of my energy to get going however the simplicity of the blog made it so much easier for me to blog my amazing journeys on foot across Spain and Portugal. PurpleLlama migrated all my blogs and photos seamlessly into my new blog look and feel, not a glitch or hitch in the process. I enjoyed the energy, the commitment, the inspiration, the perseverance from PurpleLlama to making my blog exactly what I visualised. Both Tamsin and Jerome’s listening skills, designed the blog to my “thoughts / wants / needs” first time round. THANK YOU J and T”